What Do Cats Do All Day? Did you ever think about that? So here is cat behaviour revealed and explained to help you understand your furry friend a bit better.

We all love our pets, but we know very little about them. We take the relationship with our cats for granted and fail to see the different behaviours they exhibit.

Have you ever wondered what happens after you leave for work and your cat stays behind? What is your cat doing when you are not at home?  This article looks at the daily

routine of your cat and what it is doing while you are away. As we all know, cats are tremendously independent, and they will let you know in their time what they want to do. It doesn’t matter what you want to do; it will be up to your cat whether she wants to play or sleep. Some behaviours in cats are funny, and some are not.

So, what do cats do all day?


What Do Cats Do All DayCats are sleeping a lot during the day. There are multiple exciting reasons for this, but the important takeaway is that they sleep between 12 to 16 hours on an average day. Cats are adorable while doing so, though!

So, if you are having trouble getting up in the morning and wish you could have some more sleep, maybe it comforts you that your cat is doing precisely that: Getting back to sleeping after you leave the house. You might as well say ‘Good night, sweetie’ as your last words upon leaving. Also, do not ask what your cat does when you are not at home or absent for long hours outside: most of this time is napping!


Finally, a little action! Cats are curious about literally anything. Once you leave, they first make sure you are not around anymore by sniffing and listening for a couple of minutes. After they have observed the situation successfully, they then start their secret exploration missions: They walk around the house and check for things lying around or that you threw on the floor. Is that a bottle cap that you accidentally dropped this morning?

And the most surprising thing is you won’t find that when you come home. Cats usually have a secret stash of objects they cherish and regularly update with something like that bottle cap. Therefore, their daily schedule aims to ensure that these different traces of its presence remain perceptible, and they explore any changes that have occurred in its environment. Typical spots are: Beneath the couch, behind a wardrobe or in-between furniture. Don’t believe us? Move your couch a little bit and see if your cat has some objects hidden away. Chances are pretty high it has.


What Do Cats Do All DayCats used to be predators, and although they don’t need the food anymore because of you, they continue to live out their ancestor’s ways of life. If you are allowing your cat outside by building a cat flap into your door, she will most certainly use it for a daily hunt. Domestic cats no longer need, like their distant ancestors, to spend long hours searching for food. His hunting behaviour, as well as his playing behaviour, remain nevertheless profoundly anchored.

For your cat, these moments of daily relaxation remain essential! Therefore, it is vital to play a lot and simulate a hunt with a cat – exclusively held indoors. Buy a little toy mouse and run through the house with it to make your cat chase it or if you want to invest a little more: There are remotely controlled, animal-like toys that you can manoeuvre through the house with your smartphone. This way, you can get your cat to use up the energy they have gained through sleeping and bring some joy in its life.


Your cat’s “functional” activities occupy a small part of their time, and cats distribute them throughout the day. So if you ever wonder what cats do all day, most of the time, they wait for you.

What Do Cats Do All DayDid you ever wonder whether cats miss you while you are gone? In short: They most likely do. But you probably knew that already because of your cat’s behaviour towards you after you return from work. You may see your cat watching your yard or garage when returning from home. It does that because it’s looking forward to seeing you again! Isn’t that a comforting feeling? While you are typing away on that keyboard at work, somebody is waiting for you at home. It wishes to be with you on your work. Some people say this isn’t true, and cats don’t care about you at all – but you know the truth.

It’s nice to see science backing up facts that we already have felt in our hearts for so long — cats, tremendously mysterious animals on the globe, hunters, smooth and fast. A study found out that they are way more social and emotional than popular small talk presents. The animals are self-sufficient and flexible while also affectionate and sensitive. Non-owners can misunderstand cats, but they are also carefree pets to others. Some try to understand cat behaviours but fail; cats should probably remain a mystery.


Just like humans, cats can get bored. If you are gone a lot of times, your cat may start to feel a little down because there isn’t anybody to play or cuddle with her. In this case, cats just lay around literally, not doing anything.

Therefore, it is vital that once you are home, you spend time with your cat! Play, cuddle and take pictures of your cat. It just wants some attention from time to time, so make sure you do all these things – your cat needs it! Who knows, maybe you can open up an Instagram account and make your cat become one of the most famous cats on the planet?


What Do Cats Do All DayEating may be an obvious one but bear with us here. Upon ensuring that you are gone, your cat knows that it can eat entirely in peace.  Generally, cats like to eat several times a day. They are nibblers and will often eat several small meals daily. My favourite way to feed a cat that is ideal body weight is to leave dry food down so they can nibble and offer small amounts of canned food twice daily so you can assess their appetite and behaviour.

You are not annoying your cat or making it nervous, but when it knows it is alone, your cat is more at ease during its feast. It, again, comes down to your cat descending from predators.

There are always contestants to a slain meal that you need to detect and fight off in nature. When your cat knows there aren’t any enemies around, it is eating in a more relaxed way.


As soon as your cat hears your footsteps coming up the yard, it usually prepares for a friendly welcome. You will often notice your cat coming up to the door or into the kitchen immediately after you return from work. It is not a coincidence:

As mentioned before, your cat is way more social and emotionally attached to you than you may think. Cat is looking forward to meeting you all day, and when the magic moment is finally here, your cat, unless asleep or on the hunt, will welcome you warmly to make you feel its love.


Every cat has its personality. Cats show us their true feelings in ways that are not always obvious.

Your cat’s daily activities mainly include sleeping, exploring, and eating. While you need to get up in the morning, get yourself ready, and be at work all day, your cat is living the life a part of us all craves. Please don’t be mistaken, though: Cat wants to have you around, which is why a cat is waiting for you and welcoming you after you return. If this finally happens, make sure you play and spend time with it overall, so your cat gets the love it deserves. Cats can be excellent pets. They have personalities of their own and can be a brilliant companion for families or older children.

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