The Loss of a Pet – unbearable experience

The Loss of a pet is a harrowing experience. If your cat dies suddenly or expected due to age or illness, there comes a time of great sorrow and pain. The grieving period is natural as pets are the source of unconditional love and precious companionship. Pet owners bear with the deep pain of loss.

Separation hurts

The Loss of a Pet at times seems grievous than any other loss. The bond we build with pets is intuitive and honest. When it comes to separation, it hurts immensely. In this painful experience, you’ll need to give yourself time to heal. Grieving is welcomed as we can’t tell our heart and feelings – don’t feel the sadness now.

Many questions around

It is a time of sorrow and confusion when we ask ourselves many questions:

  • why the pet died,
  • is it my fault,
  • could I extended the life of the pet
  • where is my pet now
  • what happens after death
  • who will cuddle my Pet now,
  • have I been a good owner to my Pet

Death follows life

We can give shelter, love, and food to our pets, but we can’t make their lives eternal as we are not the masters of life and death. Death follows birth, and maybe we should change the view about death. Whoever had a pet, also he had this grieving experience as pets live shorter than humans. There is an excellent book about this matter: The Amazing Afterlife of Animals: Messages and Signs From Our Pets On The Other Side

The Loss of a Pet

The Loss of a Pet – how long do we grieve?

There is no specific time as we bear different personalities, beliefs, opinions about birth, life, and death.  Age also plays a role in the length of mourning. 

  • Younger people grieve shorter but carry pain longer.
  • Older persons suffer longer, but they don’t return to the old grieving days when they overcome the Loss of a Pet.

More factors affect the length of mourning.

  • if people live alone, and pet is the only living being with whom they share life.
  • Some people have many pets, and when one of them dies, it’s hard and painful, but other animals’ presence makes grieving days easier.
  • With prominent human families, grieving period is easier. Indeed, we grieve shorter if there are many close human beings around us with whom we can talk and release the pain; understand sad occasions, and maybe get some good ideas about Memorial creation.

Other factors are:

  1. how long the Pet lived with you,
  2. have you made a deep warm bond with him,
  3. have you adored him and listen to the Pet’s needs, or you just had an animal, by the way.

In conclusion, we can’t express the number of grieving days. It is very subjective experience.

The Loss of a Pet – what can you do?

Do nothing! –yes, nothing. That is the first step when the Loss of a pet comes. Advice is:

  1. Take your time.
  2. Allow yourself to grieve.
  3. Give yourself time to heal.


Remember the beautiful experiences you had with your beloved Pet. This step is crucial as it wipes away tears and makes you feel quiet.


Be grateful you had a chance to live with such a great pet. How blessed you are as you got the opportunity to share your life days with so beautiful Pet. Many people will never get a lovely chance to feel how solid and deep the human and animal connection is. Be grateful that your beloved Pet entered your life.

Loving thoughts

Send some loving thoughts in the air about how unique your Pet was and turn the Loss of Pet into warm, intuitive remembrance.

Getting a new pet

If you have the opportunity, consider getting a new pet. Getting a new pet isn’t cruel, don’t feel the guilt – it is just the act of thanks to the old Pet as the senior Pet was so excellent you want to have a new one.

Grief experience

Consider that nothing in your life happens without reason, and the Loss of a pet is just an experience you need to pass. The same happens with the animal. No-one dies earlier; we all die when the times come.

Pet reincarnation

Find some blogs or books about pet reincarnation not because you believe in it; you don’t have to, but to see others’ experiences and enrich your knowledge.

The Loss of a Pet

The Loss of a Pet – afterlife stories

You will be surprised how many afterlife stories exist about the passing animals. There are blogs and books about amazing real-life stories. The Loss of a Pet is a current topic; many people had pets, so many dealt with the Loss of a pet. 

You can find hope and guidance on this link:  

or search for some books like: 

If you don’t like to read books, YouTube channel has many beautiful stories. You can find audio and video stories that will alleviate a grief. Also, you can find a living persons who use their intuitive powers to communicate with the dead animals.

The Loss of a Pet – How Losing a Cat Can Make You Stronger

The Loss of a pet will make you stronger. No doubt, keep reading.

Grieving time will transform to gratitude time

  • After the grieving time comes gratitude for the beautiful present you held in your life, your beloved pet.
  • Gratitude will wash away the sadness and open the door to love. 
  • You will be pushed to look at the passing differently.  
  • Remember the great and funny times you had with your Pet.

Time for compassion

  • You’ll be in a great position to search for similar stories from other people. Some pet owners had experiences of how the souls of the lost animals came back in another body. Also, how they gave the signs from the afterlife. You don’t have to believe it, but you can hear those stories to release the pain you bear with.

Dedication to your beloved pet

  • If your grief is still active and you want your pet desperately – find some object, necklace, bracelet, small pocket stone, and dedicate it to the passed animal. With dedicated object you can feel the animal is still with you.

Death is a natural process of body

  • Being stronger means having a broader understanding; you’ll catch that life has an end for everyone on this earth, the ways of passing are different, but death is imminent. It’s not something catastrophic; it’s just natural.

Death as a trigger change

  • If your Pet passes because of some dire circumstances, you’ll indeed work to change those circumstances and protect the life on the earth.

New pet?

  • Everything happens with the reason in our world, and there was a reason you had the Pet, and still, there is no reason to get a new one, not for compensation but the fresh new, unique lovely experience.


In the end, knowledge and love make you stronger. Bad days happen to open our hearts and to teach us to accept all shades of life.

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I hope you find our article appeasable, and it helped you deal with the loss of a pet.