Songs about cats – cats as our muse

Cats have been inspiring artists and poets for centuries and they continue to inspire
today. Many famous pop and rock songs pay tribute to feline qualities. It’s a natural
fit. Rockers are independent and sensual, like cats. They share that too-cool-for
school attitude.

Sweet inspiration

Writers and artists are fascinated by the contradictory purrsonality of cats. Cats are
elegant, graceful, capable of gravity-defying acrobatics. But they’re also sweet,
loving, and even derpy at times. While the poets and painters celebrate the feline
form, pop and rock artists celebrate feline mystic, independence, and street smarts.
They’re inspired by the night hunter that prowls the city streets. Cats live by their
own rules and that’s something that inspires many but it is best expressed in

“Like A Cat” Cyndi Lauper

In the song “Like A Cat,” Lauper describes herself as a cat. She lands on her feet,
can’t be owned or tamed, and she’s mysterious like a cat. In the song being like a cat
means you’re incredibly independent and resilient. A cat-like person has a free
spirit and a strong personality. They aren’t influenced by others. Songs about cats
tend to show: independence, endurance, resourcefulness, and inner strength.
Something cat lovers already know!

“Like A Cat” lyrics:

“…Hey, mister, you can never own me; I only let you hold me like a cat; And mister,
you can never know me; I only let you stroke me, like a, like a:

And when you could never tame me; That made you mad; no, you could never tame
me; Like a, like a, like a cat… ”

A cat-like woman can’t be tamed and can drive men crazy with their independent
and mysterious ways. Meow. Let us analyze more songs about cats.

“Pussy Power” Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop reveals his weakness in “Pussy Power.” Iggy likens himself to an animal in
“Pussy Power” and “I Want To Be Your Dog.” In both songs, Iggy uses animals to
illustrate savage, uncontrollable, unrestrained lust. Iggy’s lyrics describe dogs as
masculine and submissive, and lusty and cats as feminine, powerful, and mysterious.

Pussy Power

Pussy power is the power of feminine beauty, sensuality, and sexual allure. Some
women have it and embrace it, but every cat has it. Songs about cats show us
something about ourselves in a way that’s easy to understand. It resonates with us
organically through song.

Songs about cats

“Kittens Got Claws” Whitesnake

Some rock bands think cats and women are not just independent but free of societal
norms. They live life on their own terms and Whitesnake imagines that sense of
freedom extending to sexual freedom. In “Kittens Got Claws,” women embrace their
sexxual allure and desire. Cats do not belong to anyone and a sexually free woman
only belongs to you for a short time. Cat owners know the cats are discerning, loyal,
and careful in real life. It is not easy for a male cat to seduce a female, it’s a lie to
connect cats with “loose” morals but it allows Whitesnake to sing about a taboo topic
without being overly explicit.

“Nine Lives” Aerosmith

Rock and roll band Aerosmith use the myth that cats have nine lives to live to
explain the different “lives” we live in each new relationship and infatuation.

The myth that cats have nine lives expresses our desire for longevity, rebirth,
freedom from fear of danger and mortality. Cats seem to flirt with death when we
see them balance precariously on high ledges or attack larger animals to defend
their kittens. Aerosmith’s nine lives refer to the new and different life we discover
with each new infatuation and each new love. Love is like a new rebirth, a new life, a
lucky moment in someone's life. Cat lovers understand this analogy. Cats embrace
every day like a new life, full of thrills, excitement, and curiosity. Cat lovers will
especially like the crazy meows in the intro to “Nine Lives” ;-).

“Black Cat” Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson compares a boy living a dangerous life to a black cat. The boy is an
unfaithful lover living short days and long nights, but he survives his bad decisions
like a black cat with nine lives. And like a black cat, he brings bad luck and pain to
the faithful women who cross his past.

Black cats symbolize evil in this song and in many cultures, black cats are
considered a bad omen. But in other cultures, the black cat symbolizes good luck
and prosperity. These are superstitions we impose on black cats. We know black cats
aren’t really evil or necessarily a good omen, unlike the unapologetic boy in
Jackson’s song.

“Roar” Katy Perry

This song is bold and enchanting. The song talks about someone who feels
powerless. They don’t stand for anything but accept everything, even abuse. Until
they realize they do have power and they can survive difficulties on their own-like a
fierce lion. This self-realization transforms their quiet voice into a mighty roar. A
lion’s roar is a sign of strength and readiness to fight to the end. Songs about cats
can be a great source of empowerment.

Songs about cats – conclusion

We feel cats are wise teachers because we can learn so much by observing them. We
can recognize so many different values and traits in cats. We admire their silence,
their stealth, their bravery against bigger predators, and their independence. We
love cats so much we give them positive qualities even if they aren’t realistic. Cats
are wonderful animals but they are still animals and not capable of the many
qualities we believe they have. However, art, poetry, and songs about cats reveal our
connection to cats and to our own inner animal.

Songs about cats
Songs about cats – cats theme in pop and rock music

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