Many different cultures through the ages have mythologies, folk stories, and superstitions about cats giving them a mystical vibe even today.  The most popular stories are about the relationship between witches and cats. Being so frequently linked to supernatural witches has added an air of mystery to cats that hasn’t faded with time.

Divine Cats

In many mythologies, cats were worshipped as divine beings and even deities. Egypt famously mummified cats. But this positive view of cats would end. In 14th century Europe, the Christian Church established religious and spiritual dominance. Church priests were highly educated and were charged with educating and guiding the people. They also had obligations to help the poor and sick. In conclusion, the Church infused all political and social life in most of Europe. It preached against the pagan worship of cats, other animals, objects, and natural phenomena.  

Clash of beliefs

Some people refused to accept Christianity. They continued to worship their gods and deny the Christioans’ god. The church felt obligated to save all with pagan beliefs believing they would be damned if they did not accept the Christian god. Eventually, the church declared those that continued in their pagan beliefs and rituals to be witches and  sorcerers. Creatures that practice black magic in league with the devil.

Black Magic?

Though the church labeled them witches and sorcerers, many were natural healers that used folk knowledge and herbal knowledge. Because the bible warns against fake prophets and false sorcerers, Christians feared them. The church sought to protect their followers from the evil influence they imagined the pagans would impose by persecuting witches and sorcerers. 

Mystical cats

Cats and witches

Witches were accused of being in league with the devil. An old Celtic belief connected cats to witches. The belief said cats were humans in a previous life who committed terrible deeds. As punishment, their souls were reincarnated into cats. People concluded that cats carried the reincarnated souls of witches. People also believed that witches had the power to enter homes at night and cause harm. Cats, as natural hunters, move silently and can enter a home undetected. This further solidified the belief that cats were witches.

Purging witches and cats

The Christian church ordered the slaughter of cats and accused witches. The cat population in Europe was decimated. This allowed rats and mice to overrun the cities. The rodents carried a deadly plague, called the Black Death into streets and homes infecting the population. 

 It can be said that the Church unknowingly and unintentionally caused the Black Death pandemic by eliminating cats, who would have kept rodent populations down. It’s ironic that they feared cats, especially black cats, that could have saved them. 

Evil cats?

Cats move silently and can get into seemingly impossible places, this coupled with the church’s teaching about witches and Celtic folklore made people suspicious of felines. Cats embodied the same attributes as witches: disobedience, independence, and femininity. Felines were seen as untrustworthy animals at best and as evildoers at worst.

The mystical cat reemerges

Today you can read about mystical cats in books, watch them on television or just imagine them. Mostly, we don’t think about cats as mystical. We adore them as cute pets or interesting street denizens. Those same traits that condemned them, disobedience, independence, and femininity, today give cats that  mystical, mysterious vibe.  

Cat as guide

Tarot deck can be used as a game or  for personal insight. Some tarot decks are inspired by cats. You won’t become a witch or gain magical powers from a tarot deck, but you may learn more about yourself. Cats, witches and tarot cards always feel mystical. And here is a mystical article about them.

Cat’s game

Tarot deck is a card game. Deck is used for personal insight. When it comes to cat’s inspiration, here is the cat’s tarot game. Mostly, you will not become a witch by holding a tarot deck. Moreover, you will learn more about yourself. Cats, witches and tarot cards always sound mystical. And this is a mystical article.

Mystical cats – why we believe cats have supernatural powers

Cats have a supernatural grace that makes them mysterious but the truth is more mundane. Here as some of their unique behavioral and physical characteristics:

  • they land on their feet
  • clever, capable and independent
  • skillful, careful and worldly-wise with a deep and sharp look
  • caring mothers 
  • skilled hunters

Many occult and esoteric stories imply the supernatural nature of cats. It’s because of cats’ amazing attributes and old folk stories.

Tarot cards and modern witches

If you are a cat lover interested in magic, it could be fun to express your intuition through a cat-inspired tarot deck. But don’t forget – clever cats would rather choose a ball than a deck of cards just like witches prefer nature and life. We added this link to spread the sense of the unknown. The unknown is mystical, ethereally, and limitless. When the mystical becomes known it’s not mystical anymore ;-). 

Mystical cats –animals who awaken our fascination

Normal human qualities in animals can make them seem supernatural. This is because we do not expect those qualities in animals, especially small animals. In addition, we perceive animals to possess instinct but not a higher intelligence.  Many cats are more capable, prudent, and wise than we. Cats have many traits in one which is pretty mystical.

Let’s uncover the mystical cat:

Independence – Cats can love the single life and don’t need the support of a herd, pack, or human. Unlike humans, we can only survive as social beings. They can be healthy, complacent, and satiated living an antisocial life.

Curiosity – Is there a more curious animal than the cat? Cats investigate their living environment and learn about threats, consequences, and ways to meet their needs. In  humans curiosity drives many other cognitive functions.

Eyes – Reflective, penetrating, big eyes help cats hunt in twilight and dawn light. The intense way cats observe and concentrate makes many people think cats have  x-rays eyes. Is it true or false? It is the cat’s secret.

Mystical cats

Physical characteristics – Fast athletes, top gymnasts, great climbers, silent thieves, peaceful sleepers,  deft and agile wanderers – isn’t it impressive!

Manners – Cautious, reserved, measured, and attentive –qualities of thoughtful humans and cats.

Adaptability – Cats adapt quickly to new conditions, even faster than humans. Felines do not have time for nostalgia and continuously search to solve their needs and wants.

Intuition – There are numerous stories about the cats who can sense a visitor to their home before they arrive. Some cats can determine where a person feels pain and will lay on the spot, giving relief through their body worth and soothing purring. Cats can find their way home from fantastic distances and unknown areas. 

Silence – Cats watch the world and remain silent and aloft – how wise they are. Perfect Zen masters!

Eating habits – Cats hunt, kill, and often eat mice, rats, snakes, and other pests that plague humans. By ridding us of these pests, they’ve helped people to survive – isn’t that magical? Cats are like the hidden hands of God, moving away from what could harm us.  

Fur – Their soft, warm, smooth fur is like a blanket, it makes us feel protected and comfortable. A cat’s fur coat protects it  from unfavorable weather conditions. We look at our cats and imagine them as sweet woolen balls, small walking blankets we adore to touch.

Fear – For cats, fear is important. It can help them survive. Some people believe when a cat shows fear in an empty room it indicates the presence of a lost soul or ghost – unfortunately, cats can’t talk and explain this phenomenon with us.

Affection – Cats are just as devoted to their owners as dogs. They seem less expressive because they’re not pack animals and therefore don’t have instinctive pack rituals, such as tail wagging and greeting returning pack members. 

Mystical cats

Invisibility –Mystical beings have the power of invisibility and so do cats ;-). Cats are so skilled at hiding, moving silently, and remaining perfectly still that they seem invisible. If you can’t find the cat in the house –the question is what else aren’t you able to find or see. We believe cats see it all. 

Purring – Cats make a unique purring sound that creates a pleasant vibration, is this their mystical vibe?

Motherhood – Many human mothers would be astonished at how devoted and loving cat moms are. Cat moms are known to risk their lives and suffer many burns rescuing their kittens from a burning building. 

Size – Small, light bodies make it seem like cats can defy gravity. Large bodies are often sluggish but cats seem to walk on air. Mother Nature gave the cat the best vehicle to be agile and quick.

Personal space – Cats want you to have a healthy respect for their privacy and personal space. You can’t enter a cat’s space if they don’t want you there. Every cat wants to be approached and touched in specific ways and places. They won’t tolerate anything else. People can easily pass illnesses if  they don’t develop the healthy habit of keeping their personal space. Cats are the best teachers for learning how to set your own boundaries and limits on personal space. 

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