Munchkin cat is a cute, playful and curious cat. She is as agile and skilled as any other athletic cat, despite short legs when it comes to movement. Short legs are her physical description and do not influence her health either life abilities. This cat is suitable for people who adore munchkin short-legged shape and can handle active cats.

Breed Overview

WEIGHT: 6 to 9 pounds ( 3-4 kg)

HEIGHT: around 6 inches (15cm)

LENGTH: Around foot and a half long (45cm), legs around  3 inches  (8cm) shorter than in other cat’s breed


COAT: Shorthaired or longhaired with a silky coat

COAT COLOR: Many colour combinations and patterns

EYE COLOR: All colors

GOOD WITH: children, seniors, dogs, cats, families

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 15 years

OTHER TRAITS: easy to train, easy to groom, friendly toward humans, friendly toward other pets, friendly toward strangers, tolerates being alone

Breed Characteristics

This breed has a short leg due to natural gen. Munchkin cats developed from dwarf cats. The species have a medium-sized body, sometimes small, and males are more extensive in form, weight and height than female cats. The fur comes in all available colors and patterns and the short or longhair form. Breeders shouldn’t cross munchkin cats with some other popular produced cat type as they should cross them only with the domestic cat.


Munchkin cats inherited personality by a domestic cat. The bred can be mixed with domestic cats, and the character may differ from cat to cat. Mostly these cats are friendly, active, playful, energetic and highly intelligent. Usually, Munchkin cats are described as warm and affectionate. Munchkins are social events toward strangers and don’t mind being longer part of the day home alone. Temperament is generally loving.


The munchkin cat lives regularly as any other cat, and her short legs don’t make any disorder. As every bred cat and this breed can have some genetically inherited diseases. Usually, munchkin cats can inherit hormonal imbalance, pancreatitis, uremia, lymphosarcoma, or urinary tract disorders.

Munchkin cat breed
Munchkin cat breed


It is good to groom this cat as she can’t reach all body parts when grooming herself lonely. Long-haired cats should be groomed more times per week. It is good to trim cat’s nails and brush the coat regularly. Munchkin cats should exercise, and their home should be equipped with toys or furniture elements that provide safe active life. Regular vaccination and health care are necessary. It is good to keep this cat indoors to avoid injuries and additional health problems.


  • the nickname for this cat breed is “sausage cat.”
  • this cat can look like any other breed, but short legs differ them from them
  • name of the breed was inspired by inhabitants of Munchkin Country, an imaginary place in the novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”
  • physical characteristics do not interfere with their skilled abilities.
  • The shortest  cat in the world, Lilieput from Napa, California, is mentioned in Guinness World Records Book. She is around 13.4 cm tall.


The cat appeared in the United Kingdom around the 1940 and Stalingrad around the 1953 as a cat with short legs. Despite short legs, this breed is a regular cat’s breed in the U.S. A short-legged cat Blackberry from Louisiana and her kitten Toulouse are the first significant cats of this breed. Breeders took their’s litters as the formal beginning of the breed evolution.  The gene for short legs is autosomal dominant and cat inherits it from one parent. For cat is lethal if both parents have that gene. That’s why breeders mix Munchkins with native domestic cats. Litter can have munchkins and domestic cats, but only munchkins short-legged cats carry the gene for the munchkins breed. These cats are new breeds and not yet legitimized by all cat’s associations.

Munchkin cat breed
Munchkin cat breed

Children And Other Pets

This cat is an excellent companion to other cats, dogs and older children as her activity level is very high.

Choosing the Best Food for Munchkin cat

This cat needs food like any other domestic cat. Wet food is tasty to this breed, and domestic cats like it also, but dry food is suitable as an occasional snack. Cat needs fresh water and well-balanced food. 

Choosing the Best Food for Munchkin kitten

High-quality kitten food, wet and dry with enough nutrients and water, as kittens are very active, playful and grow.