Fun Cat Toys – if you don’t acquire a toy for your cat, don’t be surprised to see what will become your cat’s toy. The cat will find a toy event if cat doesn’t possess the real one as the cats are very playful animals. Straws, caps, pencils, shoes, different wares and goods as carpet, curtains, spoons, lemons can become toys.

People like to talk about different toys types as toys for a cat’s physical or mental activity, intelligent toys, toys of new generations or robotic toys, wooden toys or toys made from any natural material, essential toys, best sellers, exercise toys, stimulative toys, concentration toys.

Fun Cat Toys Your Pet Will Love 2022

Despite all these toys divisions, it is hard to guess which toy will be perfect for your cat as cats can surprise you when choosing the favorite toy for themselves. The good news is that you can’t choose the wrong toy as cats like toys, and they recognize the toys presented to them.

The time they will spend with the toy will give you the answer about the toy. It can look like a problem if you invest in expensive top-selling toy and notice your cat leaves it. Still, liking the cheapest ball as she spends the most time playing with it. Remember, this has nothing with the toy producer. It is like when humans choose the best T-shirt for themselves: ten people will choose ten different models and colors, calling their’s choices the best and giving the arguments why is that so. Cats cant show you the discussion, but staying with some toy or just ignoring it – is the best sign the toy is well chosen or not. As we mentioned, every cat will mostly like choose a different favorite toy, and here we’ll introduce you some toy models:

Interactive Catcher Teaser with retractable wand

A fantastic feather toy awakes all instincts in your cat – the cat wants to catch it as the feather moves like the bird in the air. A retractable wand helps you distance yourself from the cat’s jumping area and make the cats game more secure. A significant part of the toy is it the model has a replacement teaser – then you can make a long-lasting game with different challenges, or you can replace the feather if your cat broke the last one.

Interactive Cat Feather Toy

Interactive Cat Feather Toy is the new generation toy that plays with your cat making her time exciting. Also, it gives you a time to rest as the feather works like a robot. Feather travels through house on wheels. This toy is great if you go out for a daily work. Toy works on tile floor, wood floor and carpet. But it has some resting moments after the hours of working. In addition, it gives your cat the time to rest. We advise this toy for active and curious cats.

String Cat Toy

A battery-operated string-flinging machine entertains kittens even if you are not around them. It’s very interesting for cats as they adore strings of any kind and the interactive strings take all their’s intention. The toy is perfect for every cat age and type.

Cat Hammock Window Seat

Maybe Cat Hammock Window Seat doesn’t look like a toy, but it is a great observation shelf for your curious cat.  The cat can enjoy the sunshine or look outside for birds or movements of any kind. Continuous change of the outdoor world takes all the cat’s concentration and keeps your cat mentally active.

Cat Laser Toy

The laser can be mounted on the wall, window, closet, and floor, allowing you to change the game’s ambient. The toy has a sensor and can detect if your pet is around. When the sensor detects the cat, it activates intelligently and turns off after 5 minutes. The toy has options to work in slow or fast mode. Silicon ears and led light takes all focus on this toy. It is an excellent toy for the new generation of robotic cat’s toys.

Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Electric fish can make your cat very proud while she holds it but also exciting and confusing as the fish moves like being alive. Some producers advise that you stuff catnip into the belly of the fish to make your cat more excited and relieve the cat’s mood and stress. Great simulation design makes this fish looks like the real one.

Mouse Feather Interactive Motion Cat Toy

When the cat swings the mouse spring, the mouse squeak sound and light-up eyes that attract your cat’s attention to exercise; playing feathers always fascinate the cat, but with this model of toy, your cat can imagine she fights the actual mouse. It would help if you chose this model with suitable materials that make this toy durable, and there is no scare that this mouse will have only one life.

Crinkle Balls

Crinkle Balls are simple interactive balls in bright metallic colours cats adore having. When the cats play with the crinkle ball, it makes a crinkle sound that excites the cat’s excitement and evokes the wish to play more and more.

Petstages Tower of Tracks

The tower is an interactive cat toy with three levels of tracks and three brightly coloured moving balls. These balls attract the kitty’s attention, and cats want to remove the balls from the tower, which is a pretty challenging task, as the ball always goes around. Cats like the colours of the building, balls and likes to gain the ball in the circle. Toys help to keep active cats instincts to hunt.


Soft, lightweight balls in many beautiful colours, without bells,  cats like to carry through the house all day long. Colours and form attract cats intention, and the weightless state makes them feel secure and comfortable. This simple ball gives your cat a lot of funny moments.

Mouse and Ball Cat Toy

Mouse and Ball Cat Toy have a circle base, a spinning ball and a mouse in motion.  It helps a cat to exercise her instinct with fun. A cat can choose will she play with the mouse or with the ball, or both. The toy is ideal for all cat sizes, ages and types.