Cat paws are not only beautiful, but they are also a multi- functional tool. Cat paws are “tools” they use to explore and interact with their environment. Even the shape of a cat’s paw is fascinating. We love their soft furry paws and their adorable little beans, but a cat’s paw isn’t just adorable. Their paws are amazing tools. When they are sleepy, they will cover their eyes with their paws. When they want something from you, they will gently touch you with a soft, cute paw. When they explore, communicate, or need to relieve stress – again, here comes the paws! Just amazing.

A cat’s paw has their most sensitive sensors on their body.

You can cuddle your cat, tickle them, squish them, and they will react to make such silly body shapes when you do that. It’s irresistibly cute. But when you touch their paws – they become tense and withdraw from you. A cat’s paw, like your foot, has massive numbers of concentrated nerve receptors, making them sophisticated sensitive sensors for exploring the environment.

Have you heard people say that cats can feel the earthquakes first? Well, actually, because of the super dense receptors on their paws, cats can detect very minute vibrations that we can’t feel until the vibrations are much stronger. Some people attribute a cat’s early earthquake detection to a sixth sense but it is really the highly sensitive receptors in their paws.

Is your cat a lefty or are they right-pawed?

No, this is not a joke. I know how silly it sounds, but many studies have shown that cats have a paw preference, just like humans. Don’t believe it? Test it out for yourself. The next time you play with your cat or offer them a treat, please take a close look at which paw they use to grab food or bat a toy. And repeat the process. If they continuously use their right paw, this means your cat is right-pawed. Studies show that 75% of cats favor either their right or left paw. Research also discovered that male cats were much more likely to use their left paws, while females favor their right paw. Test your cat to find out if they have a paw preference.

Believe it or not-cats sweat through their paws.

Sounds weird? Then, imagine this- you’re nervous or under stress, do your palms sweat? The only difference between cats and us is that cats can only sweat through their paw pads. And of course, the primary reason cats sweat is to regulate body temperature, not because they are nervous because they have to deliver a public speech in a few minutes, Unfortunately, that is not the only reason cats sweat. Cat paws are truly fascinating. If you adopt a new cat, you may see your new cat leaving a trail of wet paw prints on the floor even if it’s not hot. This is because your new cat may be anxious or frightened. You can be happy to have these signs so you know your cat needs some extra love and patience. This way you can give your cat proper help and care.

cat paws

Cat paws are shock absorbers.

How often have you seen your cat jumping from high spots to the ground. You have that feeling in your stomach, “oh my God, she will herbreak legs!” and then you watch and you can see how softly she lands on the ground? It’s incredible how gracefully and lightly your furry buddy can land after a big jump! The secret is simple. Their paw pads are perfect shock absorbers. Not only do they give your cat a soft landing but they give your cat a silent landing. This is essential for your tiny hunter.

Cat paws are a communication tool, too.

Let’s reveal one more secret. Everyone knows that cats need to scratch furniture or a scratching post sometimes and they need to knead a blanket or pillow. There are often no scratch traces on those places, but they repeat the process often. Here’s why cats have hidden scent glands in their paws. Whenever they scratch furniture or knead a blanket or even you, they’re not trying to “destroy stuff.” They are claiming their turf. So when your cat is doing some “weird touching stuff,” your cat is really leaving her scent to claim her territory.

So next time you’re in bed and your cat comes and gives you a gentle kneading massage, she’s announcing, “this human is MINE!” Don’t worry, that is how cats say: I love you, my tiny silly human.

The catwalk (but not in fashion)

The legendary catwalk isn’t about fashion or beauty. Cats walk on their toes! Not just your house tabby but wild cats, too. Cats walk on their tiptoes for survival. Walking this way gives the cat a considerable advantage as a hunter. By walking on their tiptoes, they are silent, stealthy, and able to burst into a run quickly. This not only makes cats deadly hunters but it also helps save their lives because it allows them to escape quickly and quietly.

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