Egyptian Mau cats are curious, energetic, and playful.  Cats have a careful, daring, and intelligent temperament. They love people they know while they are restrained, shy and distant with strangers. They have a lot of similarities with Bengal cats, although top connoisseurs notice differences. Egyptian Mau is an excellent choice if you want a loyal, devoted, and highly active cat, but it is tough to get it as it is a rare breed.

Breed Overview

WEIGHT: 6 to 14 pounds (2.7 – 6,3 kg)

LENGTH: About 11 to 14 inches (28-35cm)

COAT: short-haired

COAT COLOR: smoke, bronze, black, silver, caramel, blue-pewter (only six colors)

EYE COLOR: green but kittens can have amber eyes.

GOOD WITH: children, seniors, cats, families

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 15 years

OTHER TRAITS: easy to groom, friendly toward humans, strong loyalty tendencies

Breed Characteristics


Egyptian Maus are playful, friendly, and loyal. Musical voices are familiar in this breed. These cats are very clever, devoted, and sensitive. They are shy with strangers but like to make conversations with beloved people. Socialization is essential in this breed as, without enough attention, care, and warm contacts, Egyptian Maus can be aggressive or antisocial. Egyptian Mau cats like to climb and have tremendous athletic ability. They are very active and energetic.

Physical characteristic

the body is small to medium-sized with short-haired fur. Egyptian Maus are naturally spotted, and the spots occur on the tips. The body is muscular. Hind legs are longer, and Egyptian Maus cats look like standing on tiptoes when upright according to longer hind legs. They are the fastest cats in domestic breed lines. Visual characteristic is a long dark stripe that takes position from cat’s head to cat’s tail along the cat’s spine. Males are larger than females. Their eyes are large, almond-shaped, green-colored in a specific green tone, “gooseberry green. ” The coat is silky. This breed is most similar to Bengali cats. Cats can have the “M” marking on their forehead or the Mark of the Scarab Beetle. They have at least one broken necklace on the upper chest.

Egyptian Mau


Egyptian Mau is very sensitive to temperature and more susceptible to any medicines and anesthesia. Cats can have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as it can be inherited hereditary inside the genetic falt of the breed. Advice is to check the heart murmur of these cats as their health issue is the inclination to HCM. Purebred cats often suffer from hereditary diseases, so it is essential to buy them from renowned and esteemed breeders to review the written health guarantee.


These cats need a cat tree and scratching post as they are very active and playful and need tools for exercise. As they are sensitive to medical treatments, it’s good to keep them indoors and prevent them from many health issues. The short coat is easy to comb, and they need a bath rarely. Dental hygiene is good to implement. They do not require special care, but owners need to vaccinate them regularly and watch their diet.

Egyptian Mau


-this breed is the progenitor of the domestic cat breed we know today
-Another name for this breed is Pharaoh Cat
-Origin country of this breed is Egypt, and you can find Egyptian Maus drawings on the walls of the Egyptian tombs (spotted cat hieroglyphics).
-It is possible Egyptian street cats had the same appearance as Egyptian Mau
-Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy had Egyptian Maus cats who formed today’s breed as the breed almost disappeared by the end of the Second World War.


Egyptian Mau breed is considered as an ancient one that lived 4000  years ago in Egypt. Today’s Mau cats, breeders developed from Egyptian street cats with spotted marks on the coat. Romans brought this breed in Europe, but pedigreed cats were specially bred by breeders today. World Wars almost destroyed the species, but the breed continued to exist thanks to Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy who owned the spotted female kitten. Exiled princess in Rome used her contacts, influence, and knowledge to get a male cat for mating. When Nathalie emigrated to America in 1956, she took her cats with her. Cats offspring formed the first specimens of the Egyptian Mau breed on American soil and were considered the first official cats of the breed. Egyptian Mau is a scarce breed despite natural origin and the title of ancient Egyptian sacred cat.

Children And Other Pets

Egyptian Mau cats are friendly to careful and caring children, but they have rather tendencies to choose a favorite older human owner. Egyptian Maus get very well with other animals like dogs and like to play with them.

Choosing the Best Food for Egyptian Mau cats

Food for Egyptian Mau should be rich in proteins, and every high-protein food of high quality is good for them. The recommendation is to provide dry and wet food. We can regulate cat’s health sensitivity by proper nutrition. Fresh processed meat is suitable as a dietary supplement.

Egyptian Mau

Choosing the Best Food for Egyptian Mau kittens

Kittens should get complete and balanced food, which will allow them to grow and develop in their first year. Kitten food nutritionists adjusted to kittens’ way of chewing, and for kittens, you should not replace food with adults food. Food should be rich with animal proteins. When in doubt what food to choose, their needs are similar to Bengal kittens.

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