Chartreux cats – Every time you sit down, a Chartreux cat will jump on your lap with a smiling expression as a call for cuddling. This breed holds great mousers, clever and easy-going cats. All Chartreux cats need is love, attention, little combing and a portion of tasty food.

Breed Overview

Origin: France

WEIGHT: 7 to 16 pounds (3-7 kg)

LENGTH: 9 to 11 inches long (23 – 28 cm)


COAT: Short, soft

COAT COLOR: Solid blue-grey, ranging from light ash to slate grey tones

EYE COLOR: Copper or orange

GOOD WITH: children, seniors, dogs, cats, families

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 11 to 15 years

OTHER TRAITS: easy to train, easy to groom, friendly toward humans, friendly toward other pets, tolerates being alone, high prey drive, good for first-time pet owners, tolerates being picked up

Chartreux cats breed
Chartreux cats breed


Breed Characteristics


Sweet and gentle, friendly and playful. Quiet and sometimes muted all life. They tend to bond with one person but loving all family members at the same time. They are intelligent and observant,  non-aggressive and affectionate cats. These cats are good travellers. They like interactive play, mental stimulation and lovely humans to play with them. Easy going soft cats that like cuddling.

Physical characteristics:

Chartreux cats are large and muscular cats with excellent reflexes. Heads are rounded and broad with a sweet expression. Legs are short, and feet are round, the tail is flexible.


Chartreux cats are healthy cats, but some health conditions may occur as Hyp Dysplasia, Ringworm, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Gingivitis.


Physical activity is vital for this breed to keep Chartreux cats healthy. These cats need interaction with people. Cat gyms and scratchers can keep them active. The Chartreux needs daily grooming, and trimming nails is optimal every few weeks. Ears, eyes, tail and coat should be checked daily and cleaned if necessary. Keep this cat indoors in a cat-friendly environment, protected from household hazards, as these cats are playful and tendentious to touch everything they see.

Chartreux cats breed
Chartreux cats breed


– Chartreux owners were French novelist Colette, Charles Baudelaire and the French president Charles de Gaulle.

– Charles De Gaulle’s cat was called Gris-Gris, and she used to follow him from room to room

– almost two years, they are in the kitten phase.

– every Chartreux cat born in the same year has an official name in the pedigree with the same first letter as it is the French code for the birth year,


Legend says Carthusian monks brought this breed to France, north of the city of Grenoble, in the monastery Grande Chartreuse in the Chartreuse Mountains. There is also a belief that the Chartreux breed was naturally developed in Syria as feral mountain cats and Crusaders brought them to France in the 13th century. Many Crusaders entered the Carthusian monastic order, and that’s why we connect this cat with the Carthusian in origin and name. This breed joined America in 1971. for the first time and become precious but rare.

Children And Other Pets

Chartreux are an excellent companion to children and other animals thanks to their quiet and gentle temperament.

Chartreux cats breed
Chartreux cats breed

Choosing the Best Food for Chartreux cat

Chartreux cats should eat food with high-quality proteins and fat. Wet and dry food are good options as wet food helps them to stay hydrated and dry food can be more nutrient in the food composition.

Choosing the Best Food for Chartreux Kittens

Chartreux Kittens should eat a few hours of very quality food with plenty of calories, nutrients, vitamins and proteins. Food should not contain any additives or low-grade ingredients.