How to name your cat?

Cats Names are same trouble like babies names. If You are in the process of cat adoption and you’re wondering what name to give her?  We have some excellent instructions on how to choose the best name for your cat. First of all – think about what you love in life, what you like and what makes you happy. Be free to put all the beauty of your life and inspiring terms on paper. Take care that names make some impressions, consciously or unconsciously,  and it is a personal impression. The same word can be funny, beautiful or repulsive, depending on the associations we have. Choosing a cat name will not influence the cat’s self-image as “cats do not have a problem with it” as humans. Giving a name for a cat is the owner’s choice and the owner’s decision, and it reflects with his private sense and particular image associations. If you adopt a cat in a large family, we advise you to compromise the name as the “peace in the house” is also very important for the cat’s healthy environment.

How do we choose cats names?

We choose cats names in several ways. A simple way is to look at the cat and try to give her a few attributes that describe her well and make you feel good. Remember that this is a name you will pronounce for the next ten years or more, so let it be significant.

Names inspired with colors

For example, for a blue-eyed cat, you can write out: Blue, Sky, River, Iris, Sea, Brunnera, Allium, etc. If your cat has orange fur, add to your list the terms you associate with fur colour: Ginger, Orange, Bronze, Sand, Clay, Carrot, Spice, Cider.

Literature as inspiration

You can also find inspiration in the names of the main characters from the books or movies; for example, Manga, Alice, Nala, Pumba; 

Animals as motives

We can create names within skillful animal species to emphasize some of their beloved traits (Tiger, Leo, Pirana, Eagle)

Names inspired by fashion, art and cultural attractions

  • the world of fashion (Coco, Paco, Gianni, Kenzo);
  • art ( Paul, Pablo, Gustav, Sandro, Frida, Mick, Axel, Fredy, Franky, Andy);
  • fine food ( Brownie, Creamy, Spicey, Chilly, Sweety, Candy, Salty, Sugar) or attractive places ( Burma, Bali, Azzur, Tropez, Lyon, Nica, ).

Maybe you want to describe the cat with divine qualities or a concept from the culture that attracts you? In that case, explore the legends, myths and translations of critical words from the foreign culture you admire  (Deva, Issa, Aja, Muezza, Fulla, Nanna, Ran, Kali, Sita, Ganga, Ares). 

As you notice, we give names inspired by people, places, legends, things, natural phenomena and everything else we can verbalize and what our senses can reach.

Cats names must be short and clear, easy to be pronounced so the cat can associate her with the given name and accept it as her own. Play with letters to turn a desired term into a male or female character.

Step by step, briefly about cats names:

  1. Make a list of terms you like that are essential to you or mean nothing to you except evoke a pleasant feeling (pleasant feelings matter!)
  2. Take a good look at your cat and try to give her selected terms or add a few new ones to your list, so you can directly relate the words to your cat’s personality or physical appearance.
  3. If the name of the term is too long, try to shorten it!
  4. Transform a term or name into a female or male version
  5. Imagine calling your cat with the selected name or term – does it sound right?
  6. If your first list doesn’t seem applicable, create a new one with a unique selection theme
  7. If you feel stuck in finding a cat’s name, take a walk and let some characters jump out

Giving a name to your cat can be a straightforward process if you have some terms in your pocket. A slower approach is to study a new culture, legends and names meanings.

As a slow process, it can be exciting and educational. After a long search, studying and learning,  you can decide to name your cat Puffy because of her lush fur, and because the word Puffy evokes a pleasant image to you. Studying helped you to make a reduction and confirmation for the best cat name. 

If you don’t have time to make suggested lists, we have prepared some exciting names you can easily pick and take.

Ai – Japanese origin,  meaning: love or indigo blue colour (feminine name)
Aabha – Indian origin, meaning: light (masculine name)
Bea  – American heritage, a short form of Beatrice (feminine name; Beatrice meaning blessed, happy, joy bringer)
Bobo – Ghanaian heritage, meaning: born on Tuesday or a short form of Robert, English origin (m.n.)
Cai – Vietnamese origin meaning feminine. (some forms can be Cay, Cae)
Cid – Spanish root, meaning: lord ( It can also be Cyd, Kidd, Kydd)
Dai – Japanese origin, meaning great. (also Dae, Day, Daye)
Didi – Hebrew origin (m.n.)
Yo – Cambodian origin, meaning honest (m.n.)
Zain – English origin, a form of Zane (a form of John) (m.n.)
Vic – Latin origin, a short form of Victor (m.n.)
Ufa – Egyptian origin, meaning flower (m.n.)
Uja – Sanskrit origin, meaning growing (m.n.)
True – English origin, meaning faithful, loyal (m.n.)
Sy – Latin origin, a short form of Sylas, Symon (m.n.)
Shaka – Hindi origin, a form of Shakti (f.n.)
Seki – Japanese origin, meaning wonderful (f.n.)
Sato – Japanese origin, meaning sugar (also Satu) (f.n.)
Rode – Greek origin, meaning pink (m.n.)
Myo – Burmese origin, meaning city (m.n.)
Micha – Hebrew origin, a short form of Michael (m.n.)
Lui – Hawaiian origin, a form of Louis (m.n.)
Lou – German origin, a short form of Louis
Lobo – Spanish root, meaning wolf (m.n.)
Lio – Hawaiian origin, a form of Leo (m.n.), or 
Lia –  Spanish origin (f.n.)
Li – Chinese origin, meaning strong  
Rory – Irish origin, meaning famous brilliance (f.n.)
Pia – Italian origin, meaning devout (f.n.)
Pinga – Eskimo origin, from mythology, the goddess of the game and the hunt (f.n.)
Pela – Polish origin, a short form of Penelope  (f.n.)
Muse – Greek origin, meaning inspiration (f.n.)

(some listed names we took from the Bruce Lansky book “100,000,00 Baby Names”. Selected words have a short form, sonant sound and meaningful explanation.)

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Cats Names

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