Cat Noir

Within cats and black color there is always a veil of mystery. Term Cat Noir or Black Cat excites our mind and senses, like there is something more unsaid.  Interesting comic heroes with the word cat or black increasingly occupy our attention. Black is the color of unknown, dark and deep with positive and negative connotations.

Cat Noir or French Chat Noir means Black Cat. When we say Cat Noir  we don’t think only about a cat with black fur. Also, we don’t think only about catlike superhero. It depends on our experiences, knowledge and cultural heritage what does it really mean. In addition, term Cat Noir has many practical purposes and widespread use.

Let us investigate the term’s usage!

Cat Noir as Black Cat symbol

If we imagine a cat walking through graveyard at the Midnight, we’ll see the same: black cat. Everything is black under the cloudy night sky. Even the white or orange cat, makes this optical illusion. It’s easy to conclude, black can be spooky color as it doesn’t “smell” good. It brings fear, rebellion, death and power to be alike.

Cat Noir as a symbol usually signs evil omen. It can be an omen of a dangerous witch, black magic and damn spells. That’s why we use the Cat Noir motive to mark witchcraft and Halloween.

Cat Noir spiritually

The spiritual meaning differs from the direct physical symbol of the Black Cat.  Spiritually, the motive is ambiguous. Black shows the absence of light or complete absorption. Black souls are dark and miss empathy and compassion.

Cat Noir, spiritually, represents lack of knowledge, lack of understanding and the power of evil force. Cat is capable and powerful animal. Black cat is the one who deals with enormous power while bringing you misfortune without the blink of an eye.

Cat Noir as Le Chat Noir

A nineteenth-century entertainment establishment was called Le Chat Noir. It was located in the bohemian district of Paris – Montmartre.  Le Chat Noir was opened on 18 November 1881 at 84 Boulevard de Rochechouart and closed in 1897. It brought out the first modern cabaret show.  It was a bustling nightclub and popular artist salon. When we imagine Paris at the turn of the 19th century, Cat Noir cabaret is very popular place. Small but significant club.

Chat Noir magazine

Chat Noir magazine was a weekly newspaper published by Le Chat Noir cabaret. Cabaret published the news from the cabaret and featured actual literary writings, political satire, and poetry.

Theophile Steinlen and Cat Noir

Steinlen (1859-1923) was a Swiss-born print-maker and painter who worked during the French Art Nouveau period. He lived in France and had commissions to do art posters for the cabaret Le Chat Noir. Steinlen illustrated many cats and published a book of illustrations: “Dessins Sans Paroles Des Chats.” His famous illustration is „La tournée du Chat Noir de Rodolphe Salis (1896)“, behind many more.

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Cat Noir poster

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Cat Noir as theater in Norway

Cat Noir or Chat Noir is a theatre in Oslo, specializing in cabarets and revues shows. The theater was established in 1912 and was inspired by Paris cabaret Le Chat Noir. Chat Noir is still an open theater.

Cat Noir in the Urban dictionary

Thanks to the popularity of the TV series Miraculous, Cat Noir entered the urban dictionary. Colloquially, teenagers use the term to describe some boy as a sexy beast or sometimes only a blonde boy. If the blonde boy wears tight leather pants, Cat Noir is an excellent apposition. But as it goes: “the suit doesn’t make a man, “the boy must be sweet and good person.

Cat Noir as Adrien Agreste

One of the main protagonists of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug&Cat Noir, French television series, is also called Cat Noir. Actually, his name is Adrien Agreste, and he is a Parisian teenager who owns a magical ring. The ring gives him the power to transform himself from a student and model into the superhero Cat Noir (Chat Noir). Cat Noir’s power is bad luck. In the form of a superhero, Adrian can express his wilder side due to the limitations of his strict upbringing.  Shy and reserved privately, Cat Noir’s version of himself allows him to be more open and robust.

He is a positive, kind, and loyal superhero. In the form of Cat Noir, he makes a lot of jokes, which are often cat-related. As a fictional character, he has a determination: help others and save the day. Love story follows Cat Noir’s actions – his love for Ladybug is crucial and brings noticeable charm to the level.

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Cat Noir vs. Spider-Man

The comic characters Spider-man and Catwoman are very similar to the comic characters Cat Noir and Ladybug. The difference is in reversed genders where Cat Noir is a male in opposed to a female Catwoman.

Cat Noir accessory

Due to the incredible popularity of the series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug&Cat Noir, there are numerous Cat Noir fashion accessories and toys on the market.

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Cat Noir as a black cat breed

Mystique and adorable black cats aren’t a particular breed, but around twelve breeds or more hold a cat with a black coat.

Black coated cat we can find in these breeds: Bombay cat,  Chantilly-TIffany cat , Persian cat, Maine Coon, Cornish Rex, Selkirk Rex, Devon Rex , Japanese Bobtail, American Bobtail, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, and domestic cat.

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