First of all, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. We hope your cats will be happy, healthy, playful, and cuddling. For a lovely New Year’s Eve, we’ll tell you two beautiful stories about cats.

Indian guru, devotee, and cat

One man had stomach problems. He was not allowed to eat dairy products, but he did not know it. Man suffered from cramps and felt terrible. He lived in the same village as his spiritual teacher. The teacher was powerful and omniscient. One evening he prayed that his pain would stop.

The teacher heard the prayer. The following day, a street cat entered his house and overturned a bowl of cream and milk. The man was furious at the cat. He chased the cat, got new dairy, and made fresh cream. But the next day, the cat came into the house again, overturned the dishes, and drank the milk. The man was already furious.

He went to his spiritual master to complain about the cat’s accident. The teacher laughed and said: it was me in the cat’s body, and I took your milk and dairy products because you prayed for me to let your pain go.

Buddhist monk and cat

A kitten approached a Buddhist monk in a temple. The priest helped him grow up, and the cat lived happily in the temple’s courtyard. When the cat grew up, the priest realized that the cat was eating local birds and that it was best to get rid of it. It was not easy or comfortable for him, but he wanted to protect the local birds. He found new owners who drove her 85 km away from the temple.

After a few days, the new owners let the cat know the new home into the yard. The cat ran away from the new owners. That day the priest had a teaching duty in a place 12 km away from the new residence of his old cat. Do you know who came to the course? Runaway cat! His old beloved cat. In a panic, the new owners called the monk to tell him that the cat had escaped and did not know where the cat was. The monk replied that the cat was with him. The priest’s name is Ajahn Brahm, and you can find more miraculous stories in his books.

We hope these two stories have brightened your day!

We wish you a happy and healthy new year and a good look on your cats – maybe there are some stories you would like to retell us ;-).