The best Christmas present is a cat, of course!

You can love animals or not, but gifting a cat is always a boon.

People often declare themselves as animal lovers, and if some people do not like animals, they do not express themselves as haters. They either have no attitude about animals or consider animals to be a lower class of living beings. Every developed human being knows that there are more developed and underdeveloped types of life and the man, despite mental superiority, is not necessarily the most perfect being.

Animals are sometimes better than humans

One angry and furious animal with attributed ignorance will never do harm or catastrophe that can be done by one mad, manipulative, angry man living in ignorance.

The spirit of Christmas – love and respect all

A man may be conceited about his advantages, but without other forms of life on Earth, his life would not be possible at all. Clothing, food, everyday objects are small examples of human exploitation of the Earth’s living and non-living resources. And what does it have to do with cats? A man should respect everything surrounding him, the living and non-living world, and coexistence with a cat allows him to accept diversity and learn how harmonious life flows.

Lives are more valuable than objects

With a cat, a man drills the responsibility, compassion, and selfless service that he needs to become a more developed person worthy of man’s name. The best Christmas present should help everyone to become a better person. One cat can manage it ;-).

Christmas present

Why would anyone get a cat for Christmas?

1. Compassion and understanding

Sometimes we declare some people insensitive. These are people who most often don’t even have feelings for themselves. Life circumstances and reactions to them made them so. Such people often isolate themselves from the outside world and live in spasms, dissatisfaction, and limitations. Best Christmas present for them could be a cat.

How can a cat invoke a compassion?

By observing a small, innocent, hairy, and headstrong cat, such people quickly establish contact with the animal. Is your loved one friend in the same position? The cat can help him open up and share his time with someone who doesn’t ask much of him but gives an unselfish fellowship. If cat owners aren’t sympathetic enough, the cat will show it to them. If one gets angry at a cat, it’s a sign of misunderstanding. You can’t get mad with a cat; you can accept the cat the way the fluffy cat is and think what and why went wrong. Cat as a Christmas present is a gift with a profound impact.

2. Responsibility

Often people do not take their responsibilities seriously. No one is born to live in a hotel and use other people for their servants. Some people think they were born to do only decent jobs, while the “dirty” jobs – others will work for them. Having a cat means being responsible. Cat as a Christmas present can be a great gift.

How can a cat invoke responsibility?

The cat owner should provide to cat daily freshwater, a clean toilet, suitable food and equipment, time, and affection. Moving shit out of a cat’s litter tray every day doesn’t sound acceptable to some people. And why should it be? Life does not consist of accepting what we want but what is happening. And shit is also happening. Cleaning a cat’s litter tray is perfectly normal, and whoever is unable to do so is undoubtedly living an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

Christmas present should enrich the humans life. Gifted person could get a chance to transfer the gained experiences with a cat into his everyday life. The best Christmas gift ennobles human life.

Christmas present

3. Wisdom

If someone wants to become strong and wise, he needs a wild and unsocial cat. It’s not funny but has a great cause. With the wild and dissatisfied cat, one can learn more than with the cuddly and smooth. The wild cat is a constant source of challenges and requires continuous interaction from us.

If your friend doesn’t have a time for a cat?

Your loved one doesn’t have the time or patience? Don’t worry; he will find it from nowhere as the situation will ask him to do it differently. He will not be able to escape the problem, only if he quits, but remind him what cowards do ;-).

4. Tenderness

Do your loved friends miss tenderness in life? It is ideal for bestowing them a cat with whom they can be gentle. Being gentle to a cat requires being soft to both, oneself and others. If the adopted cat is not smooth and cuddly, everything is fine. We are required to have gentle tolerance or remain gentle even when others are not towards us. It’s easy; stay peaceful. If the advice doesn’t work on Monday, till Friday, he’ll be an expert ;-). Cat as a Christmas present is life challenging.

5. Independant animal

Why to give a cat as a present and not another animal?

A cat is a pure and independent animal. Because of the cat, a gifted person won’t need to wake up early at dawn to walk it. A cat doesn’t require you for its walk, to be honest – you bother it. You don’t need to watch over the cat; cat is there watching over you. A cat does not need to be raised or trained. Feline can be content alone in the apartment while the owner is working. The cat may scratch some object, but objects are short-lived anyway. Animal will give a lot more in return.

Cat’s independence asks from humans to find creative solutions – when living together. To stimulate a creativity in a loved one with a Christmas gift is always a great idea.

6. Opening up to the new

It’s never boring with cats. There are countless examples of foster parents who, before adopting a cat, never even thought of adopting an animal. Due to a combination of circumstances, they adopted a cat, and the cat enriched their lives in the cat’s own way. The cat asks from owners to be as alert and open as the cat is, curious, playful, and present. The cat is our zen teacher. Giving someone a zen teacher is a costly gift.

Is Christmas a great time to get a cat?

It’s never a great time to get a cat, and there are a lot of good times to do it, but getting a cat will continuously enrich human life in numerous ways. In addition, we are even helping the cat to survive.  Busy settlements with heavy traffic took the lives of thousands of cats. And it’s not expected and normal in urban settlements – it’s selfish.  Christmas time is a time when we should think about others.

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of compassion

The man took care of himself without thinking about the lives around him. Therefore, ignorance is a step before misfortune. But why should we step up those stairs? The spirit of Christmas should be the spirit of compassion and doing good deeds. To give a cat to someone is heartfelt, warm, and sensitive, and there is no better Christmas present.