They are just two ordinary girls, your neighbours, who adore cats. 

Nives is a cat breeder, and Duska is a cat owner. They share the love and grief as the first cat they owned was tragically injured on the street. The girls lost the cats but noticed the love for cats stayed unchangeable and lasting. Nives decided to become the best cat breeder in the town, and Duska chose to be the long-life cat owner.

Nives always has around ten cats in the house; some are just pets, others are mothers and fathers of future cats generations. Nives has a significant human family today, but it is obvious there are much more cats in the house, and there are days when more than twenty hearts bits in her home – what is just amazing! Mijas and meows are her morning welcoming and evening lullabies. Surrounded by so many cats, Nives continually updates herself with cats needs, and many cat stories were inspired directly from her life and experience. Nives says: “My cats are my sons and daughters “.

Before meeting a Duska (obviously, the meeting was a cat story), Nives had many cat pages and YouTube channels as a skilled photographer and video editor.  

Duska is a pet owner.  She likes to observe the cats behaviour and needs and always investigates how to balance the cats animal nature with domestic surroundings and active human life. Her cats are usually sweet spoiled queens, as her cats know they can get whatever they want. Duska says she never chose any cat in her life, as she likes every cat without prejudice. Choosing a cat is her daughter’s mission, but she believes every cat comes into their’s life with a higher purpose. Duska thinks the house is empty without cats as she considers cats as wise human teachers.  Today, Duska has three daughters, one human and two cats (one catlike and two humanlike). Duska is a designer but feels very comfortable writing some page articles and this “about us” story.

Nives and Duska hope you will find some helpful articles on this page and you share the cat’s adoration mood.