Keep your cat happy indoors – Fifteen valuable tips to keep your cat happy staying with you indoors may change your relationship with the cat forever. Cats will feel better, you will feel better, so let’s read the tips.

The urban legend about cats no.1

The first urban legend is: “Your cat needs to go outside if you want a happy and joyful cat.”

Why is this a myth?

Your cat can act nicely and excitingly entertained at your home. Cats like to be part of the owner’s life, maybe not like a manual or voice helper or participant in solving your existential problems, but more likewise observers and quality check controllers. By giving cats interesting and clever toys, cats will have a pretty stable job in a private amusement park. Playing with them from time to time will invigorate them in a physical and sensory-motoric way.

The urban legend about cats no.2

The second urban legend is: “A Tired Cat is a Super Happy Cat!”

A tired cat is just a yawning cat. When we are tired, we don’t think of ourselves as super happy. Super Happy Cat is a cat that plays with its owner every day. It helps her to stay active and make a solid, long-lasting bond of trust. Try to play with your cat every day. You can use various toys that permit your feline to follow, pursue, jump, and kick. When you’ve worn out your cat, store toys that could hurt her.

When you can’t be at home to lead the play, cats should be in a safe environment every moment. If you have some important papers, documents, books, please, tidy them up. Cats are very creative when the entertainment time comes. Your documents could become paper snowflakes. Make sure to switch the toys every once as they will appear like “brand new” and fascinate your cat again.

Cats are sweet pets, but we are not able to cherish them all day.  Sometimes it is good to have two cats, as an indoor cat can be animated and amused if she has another one next to her. 

A happy cat is a grateful and satisfied cat. Who wants a grumpy cat in the house? Nobody! That’s why we have some valuable tips.

15 useful tips to keep your cat happy indoors

 1. The power of catnip

keep your cat happy indoors

Catnip is a plant of the mint family (Nepeta cataria) that contains a natural oil called nepetalactone which has a unique effect on cats. When inhaled, nepetalactone interprets by the feline olfactory system like a wild cat pheromone.

When cats rub or bite catnip, it flushes them in a mellow feeling, innocuous and transitory state, which is very pleasurable to cats. Not all cats get influenced by catnip, and it has no impact on little cats under a half-year-old; however, primarily cats react to it  – that’s why you should acquire some. It helps to keep your indoor cat invigorated and glad.

You can find catnip as small dried chopped leaves packed in sachets or uncommon cat toys. You can also plant the catnip in a pot and lay it beside a bright window. 

2. Cat tree, pleasekeep your cat happy indoors

Cats adore climbing. Wild cats are well-known climbers. They climb on trees when they need a place to hide and observe the tremendous and threatening environment. Domestic cats have many wild habits. Climbing is one of them.

There are many cat trees on the market, and everyone can find a model in their favourite style or appropriate budget. If you have another idea of what a cat tree should look like, you can assemble your model. 

3. Cats racks, if you can

keep your cat happy indoorsIf you can install some cat racks, your cat will get a new favourite place.

Cats racks come in different forms and sizes. They can be simple as wall shelves for cats or more exciting and rich with additional elements such as stairways, wall steps, ladders, wall mounted hammocks and catwalks systems.

Cat racks give your cat a chance to occupy the highest position in the room, and that’s what cats like the most – to climb where other household members can’t easily. From that point of view, they can see whatever they want while resting in the domination point.

4. Time to walk, whenever – wherever

Your cat likes to take a walk. Cats want to do it by themselves but don’t risk it because it is a way you can quickly lose your lovely cat. Indoor cats will use any chance to get out as there seems to her- outside are many exciting things happening.

You have to buy a cat’s harness with a leash. There are many models available for every cat size. Cats are not familiar with tackles as they are different types of animals. It would help if you got your cat used to it gradually. Some people advise putting a cat harness on the cat’s body when she is at home. It will help if you put it on from time to time, every day, a little before you go out for a walk for the first time. After your cat gets used to the harness, bind a leash and try to walk with her. Don’t forget to give her some cat’s treats for every little movement. Getting her used to wear a harness and leash is a comfortable experience.

Keep in mind leashes are made for dogs, and those made for cats are too short for outside cats research. The reason is that cats can embrangle themselves or even strangle if a leash is too long. You should control the leash size and get used to making quick decisions when it is time to extend or shorten it. Most effortless is when you prepare a kitten to wear the walking equipment, but it’s not hard to start with the older cats.

 When you notice it goes easy with a harness and leash, you are ready to take a short walk with your cat.  Start gradually, with simply short outings outside and, bit by bit, increment the length of the strolls as your cat gets increasingly agreeable. Don’t forget to vaccinate your cat against outside threats, as long life illnesses are usually received on the street.

5. Build a Catio – if you have a good place for it

keep your cat happy indoors Cat’s enclosure is called Catio. It provides cats with a safe outdoor experience. Usually, it has wood framing and a wired net all around. It’s crucial that a ceiling is also closed as cats are great climbers, and they can escape if there is some hole in a catio.

Inside the Catio, you need multiple shelves, non-toxic plants, grass or decking floor and whatever you think your cat needs for better enjoyment. Be creative when it comes to building a Catio. The framework can be painted or left natural, the wired network can be in many materials, but it is vital that the net is suitable for cats and the pattern density doesn’t allow your cat to go away. 

6. Keep your house clean.

Cats are spotless animals, and they need to live in a tidy and clean environment. A clean house supervises you under all household threats as, within some objects, materials and chemical matters, your cat can be injured or poisoned.

7. Keep the cat’s litter box or tray clean.

Cats do not like dirty and smelly litter boxes. If their toilet is rusty, they will find another place for toilet compensation. You don’t want your bed to become a cat’s litter tray, so do something – clean her litter tray regularly.

8. Learn about cats

Having a cat is not a college semester, but if you don’t know something about cats on time, you can put your cat in an ungrateful position. By learning, you are in an excellent place to prevent many troubles and damages. 

9. TV time

Television can be great entertainment, especially for older cats who are lying down mostly all day. Cats don’t want to watch the news like you, instead of some animal videos or listen to cats’ music. The peaceful sounds or active animal hunters can be exciting to them. 

keep your cat happy indoors10. Toys, toys, toys

Toys are exciting to cats. Cats enjoy the play. It is good that cats have something for themselves, and if you don’t get them toys, maybe your favourite glass lamp will become their toy, and after a while, the cat will lose a toy, and you will lose light. It’s not the cat’s fault 😉

11. Blanket, please

No, you don’t have to buy a blanket for cats as they will instead use yours. It is a moment you have to admit: sharing is caring. If you have some precious blanket, hide it from the cat. If the colour of your blanket is the same as your cat’s fur – don’t be surprised if you’ll panic with the thought your cat has left the house as you’ll be not able to see her. 

12. Your chair, her place

Don’t be surprised, but it’s a great possibility that your cat would like to lay down on your seat. And the cat will do it often. Give the cat that satisfaction, as it can be a sign cat, likes you very much. 

13. Pet the catkeep your cat happy indoors

Yes, it is always time for petting your cat. Something to add?

14. Talk to your cat

Talking to your cat isn’t honest communication as you are the only one who speaks, and your cat is silent or just mews a little. The point is not in words but in paying attention. Your cat likes to get attention, and when you talk to the cat, it makes the cat feel valued and respected.

15. Cardboard box

15 valuable tips

Cats adore cardboard boxes. They like to hide in them, scratch them, play with them, and sleep in them. Even if a cardboard box is too tiny, cats will lie down in them or try so many times – as there is some note in the air – every cardboard box belongs to cats. 

Never-ending story

Your cat will be an endless story in your life as you will share so many unforgettable moments with her. She will give you exciting moments that you would never have had if you hadn’t adopted a cat. That’s why you have to take care that your cat doesn’t escape. Your cat will never run because you are not a good owner but because of her curiosity. In the case of escaping, your cat will always attempt to come back home after a longer or shorter walk, but it will happen if she will stay alive or non stolen. Here is one additional tip for you: microchip your cat!  If you lose your cat, you can contact your local shelter to record a report. Shelter employees can give you tips on getting your pet back home securely. Keep your contact data with the microchip up to date.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you have found our information helpful. 🙂