Maine Coon – Gentle big cat with a handsome appearance and loving nature. Maine Coon Cat is an ideal pet for every and the third popular in America.  This breed is famous under the name “the gentle giant”.

Breed Overview


BREED TYPE: natural cat breed

WEIGHT: 9 to 17 pounds (4 kg – 8 kg)              

LENGTH: About 110 cm from head to tail ( 3-4 feet)


COAT: double coat, long coat

COAT COLOR: around 80 colour combinations

EYE COLOR: Green, gold, green-gold, copper, blue, odd

GOOD WITH: children, seniors, dogs, cats, families

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 9 to 15 years

OTHER TRAITS: easy to train, requires lots of grooming, friendly toward humans, friendly toward other pets, friendly toward strangers, prone to health issues, high prey drive, strong loyalty tendencies, tolerates being picked up

Breed Characteristics:


Maine Coon Cats are good-natured animals. They are house mousers and gentle pets. These cats adore playing with kids, and their energy level is very high. Maine Coon Cats can be reserved with strangers and need time for adaption. Maine Coon cats want to prove the trust between themselves and humans, and after they decide that the surrounding is safe and friendly, they become devoted and loving. They adore water and like to take a shower with their owners. Maine Coone cats are playful even when being old. They want to follow owners from room to room, observe everything that is going on in the house, participate in all household activities, and watch TV. Maine Coon are easy-going, affectionate, charming and loyal. 

Maine Coon Cats Breed OverviewPhysical characteristics: 

This cats are one of the giant domestic cats. Their body is muscular and large with a heavy, smooth and shaggy coat. They have proportioned and balanced, beautiful appearance with differences according to varied environments adaptations. They have big opened, oval eyes. Maine Coon Cats reach their full size when being three to five years old. 

Coat variations:

By hybridization, they gained many colours and patterns or can be one coloured without any design. 


Mostly they are healthy cats, but some genetic problems may occur. It would help if you vaccinated these cats like any other domestic cat. Some issues may arise according to genetic predisposition. Maine Coon Cats can get genetically hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (more oversized hearth than usually), spinal muscular atrophy or hip dysplasia. Some Maine coon cats can have extra toes, but it doesn’t cause any health problems. 


Weekly combing to remove dead hair is optimal. It is good to practise everyday grooming. The recommendation is to trim Maine Coon Cat’s nails every couple of weeks. Work on the cat’s dental hygiene. Despite having an oversized coat, they do not ask for extra grooming.  Use interactive toys to keep their attention awaken.  Bath the cat occasionally, keep their eyes, ears and coat clean. Take care the cats litter-box is always clean, and it is good to keep them as indoor cats to protect their wellbeing and health.  

Maine Coon Cats Breed OverviewFacts

Maine Coon Cats are ideal for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. 

Maine Coon Cats are the giant cats of all breeds.

These cats can have around 40 coats colours.

The coat of this breed has size and form to help this breed survive extreme cold Maine winters.

The gentle temperament of these cats makes them excellent companions to other animal species.


Maine Coons have been in America since the colonial days, and we consider them to have been there even longer. No one knows how they entered America’s continent and when. There are many stories about their origin, and one is that Manie Coone is a hybrid between domestic cat and raccoon as both have long tails. Biologically this story isn’t possible, and mostly the actual story is that someone brought the longhaired cat while visiting or inhabiting the New World. There is some suspicion that the longhair cat is a naturally crossed bobcat and domestic cat hybrid. We’ll never know which story is confirmed as it happened in the old-time where and when there were no cameras or internet. But their existence is related to Maine, as there is a severe climate and only adopted species survived. Their coat is water-resistant, and they have a rigid constitution – according to the adaptation processes. Before Angora cats or Persians entered America’s continent, Maine Coon were famous and fancy cats, but today they regained their former status, being popular almost like Persian cats. 

Children And Other Pets

Maine Coon adore kids if they treat them with respect. There are no special warnings about kids ages as Maine Coon are pretty domestic cats learned to live only with people or on their farms. 

Maine Coon Cats Breed OverviewChoosing the Best Food for Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are active hunters and tend to grove to enormous size. The food has to be nutrient and optimal for the cat’s activity. If the cat is indoor only, the portions of food, you should adopt to her lifestyle. Combining dry and wet food is always the best option for indoor cats. You should always read the food ingredients and prescription to decide is it optimal for Maine Coon Cat, a large cat with a shaggy coat. When older, you should orient the food to keep the fur in good condition.

Best Food for Maine Coon Kittens

It’s good to offer kittens exceptional kitten food until they are about two or three years old, as this breed grows up slower.

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